Few people have heard of the organization called the American Chemical Society. They are a fully functioning group of chemists, researchers, engineers, chemistry and engineering students and analytical folks who are interested in using their skills to help the Earth heal from the many toxic substances that the human race dumps into the environment on a daily basis. They have an annual conference that many folks attend and offer their papers and freebies based on research that may open doors to new ways to make the world everyone lives in a healthier place to live.

This organization is one of the biggest movers of recycling in the country. They partner with the hotels they stay in and the communities they work in also to convince everyone they come in contact with that recycling the items that are used every day. The products are plastic, glass, tin, steel, aluminum, paper and cardboard and even electronics. Each day brings them closer to fulfilling their goal of creating a continuous network of environmentally responsible people who do their best to help turn their workplace and home into a recycling masterpiece using things like curtain poles or leaflet printing remains.

Medical chemicals that people take for disease control, mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression are usually made by a means called bioconversion. This is the process of creating chemical mixtures that will prove to be helpful to the human race by subduing their symptoms and quieting their pain that can occur when a part of the body is dying. One of the goals is to find new ways to make these helpful drugs without there being so many toxins disposed of. Progress in this area has made leaps and bounds over the past few years and they are still working to make it complete across the board.

Scientific researchers, chemists and governmental agencies work side by side with commercial industries to make products that are more environmentally friendly. One of the main concerns has always been the automobile industry. Every car on the road puts out a large amount of fumes that pollute the atmosphere and cause health problems. The main ones affect the lungs. Diseases such as emphysema, lung cancer, asthma and more cause many members of the human race to live a less than satisfying life. Several car companies are in a race to build the most effective, efficient and pollutant wary automobiles. Several have succeeded much to the joy of those in the world who want to live in a better world. Each year there are more successes and hopefully in the near future the problem of fossil fuels may be cured altogether with the help and ideas of those who attend these conferences. The company even offers all attendees the chance to win a holiday.

Solvents are a big contributor to the poor soil health. These are often an important and imperative part of many applications including mining and cleaning of metals for reuse. Unfortunately solvents are extremely unhealthy and many people do not realize how much harm they do when they dump it in the ground or send it to the land fill. This is another area that is being worked on to find ways to make more natural solvents that will accomplish the same results without the dangerous affects to the Earth. The solvents made whilst manufacturing mens jewellery are a particular problem.

Of course the main concern that has many of these great minds working so hard is the need for fresh water. Several industries, such as Intel that makes computer chips and other technologies, are doing their part to increase the cleansing of the water they use. This company has their own recycling plant to clean the millions of gallons of water they use each year. They then reuse it and very little is wasted. Other applications that need work are the reclaimed and drinking water. When countries have a crisis it is the first thing they run out of. Finding a way to create fresh and clean drinking water will be the break through of the century and this organization is smack dab in the middle of it.